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This lead generation audit is for online businesses.  Lead generation is one of the most important efforts you perform in your business. It's any effort you take to bring customers into your business. This audit is an inspection of those efforts. I often do these audits for female entrepreneurs just starting out or in the early - mid stages of their business but any woman who is looking for growth strategies can benefit from this audit.

This audit includes the following:

  • A questionnaire so that I can get more information about your business.

  • A review and assessment of the information provided about your business.

  • A gap analysis for your website.

  • A report that summarizes everything listed above and provides recommendations.

This is a customized audit that uses your business data to provide you with the information needed to grow and sell more products or services.

Clients typically notice an increase in profit after completing the audit and resolution process. The following benefits are noticed within 30 days of completing the process.  

  • Increase in conversion rate

  • Decrease in cart abandonments

  • Lower rate of returns

  • Fewer calls from shoppers

  • Improved organic search rankings

(1) Discover gaps in your client roadmap.
(2) Implement improvements.
(3) See results.
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